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Elite Private Investigation is home to the best and most experienced private investigators in Phoenix, Arizona. We’re dedicated to serving the best interest of our clients by providing discrete, specialized, and efficient facilitation.

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We take every detective case and private investigation seriously, and make use of every available resource to make sure we provide you with the important information you need. From missing persons searches, surveillance and cheating spouses, to insurance frauds and other corporate investigations, we are the private detectives Phoenix knows and trusts.

Why Hire a Private Detective?

As a fully licensed private investigation firm, we assist people and businesses in finding crucial information. Based on your needs, our experience, and your comfort level and input, we can determine how to most effectively handle any investigation and together we will produce the most desirable result.

What exactly is your need? Is your husband or wife cheating on you? Do you think your staff or employees are stealing from your business? Are you looking for your missing son or daughter? A private detective helps in investigating and documenting the truth before you can go ahead and make a decision based on the real evidence.

At Elite Private Investigation, we keep all our clients updated as much as they’d like, whether it’s every step on the way, or just checking in when the job is done. Remember you have a right to the truth, and the answers or rather evidence we provide will go a long way to give you a return in peace of mind. You need to hire a private detective simply because you can’t keep staying in the dark-it’s time you knew what’s going on in your home or business.

Phoenix Private Investigation Services

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Domestic Investigations

All our detectives at Elite Private Investigation know the local Phoenix, Arizona area very well. We specialize in investigating and obtaining actionable evidence for all cases including those that seem difficult. From Divorce cases, GPS tracking, and Person Location to Cheating husband or wife and Infidelity cases, Elite Private Investigation can help.

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Corporate Investigations

Our private detectives handle corporate investigations all over the state of Arizona. We specialize in corporate investigations such as background checks, skip tracing, pre-employment interviews and much more. You can look to Elite Private Investigation for answers when it comes to threats to your corporate security. Each threat requires a strategic response of which we are well equipped to manage the outcome.


Civil Investigations

Elite Private Investigation has access to more than 1,000 databases which allow us to search and locate any missing persons. Whether it’s a loved one or a business associate, you can count on us to provide swift and accurate results to your case. We can also help you in other cases such as malpractice, wrongful death, process service, and custody.

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Criminal Investigations

According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, employee theft and fraud accounts for more than 50 billion US Dollars annually. It has also been reported that at least 20 percent of businesses go bankrupt or fail as a result of fraud and theft. At Elite Private Investigation, we specialize in fraud, theft, cyber forensics, counter measures, internet sweeps, crime scene, and anti-stalking.

We know that having to seek the professional help of a private investigation firm can be due to troubling issues and stressful times, but at Elite, we want to assure you that your case is in the right hands. We’re here to provide compassion and simplicity to whatever difficulties you’re facing.

As already mentioned, our private detectives are fully licensed, extensively trained and proven, and committed to providing the best service and outcomes for all clients. We stay attentive to the needs and expectations of each and every client, while providing the utmost care to each individual case.

We conduct all our investigations with utmost professionalism and integrity. If you require more information before making an important decision, our team of private detectives can help. Contact us today.

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